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Safety is always our most important priority and have had an excellent safety record to date and strive to keep our good record with all the appropriate Workplace Health and Safety method statement and paperwork, which are readily available.

Safety Health Environment & Quality

Underpinning all our operations, is an effort to maintain a healthy, safe and happy workforce.

We encourage all BOILERMAKERS AUSTRALIA construction employees to be a proactive part of the safety process through communication and hazard recognition and reduction.

We have a comprehensive Work Site Safety Instructions and Generic Work Methods Statement at Managements’ minimum requirements, based on 30 years experience, to assist crews to recognise hazards associated with the pipelining industry.

Prestart Meetings

JHA/Risk Assessments

Confined Space

Hot Work Permits

Work Site safety Instructions:-

1. Fitness For Work

2. Personal Protective Equipment

3. Operating Light Vehicles

4. Manual Handling

5. Housekeeping-Access and Egress

6. Using Ladders

7. Using Oxyacetylene

8. Stripping Sintakote From Pipes

9. Cutting Pipes Using Oxyacetylene

10. Using Electric Arc Welding Equipment

11. Using Electrically Operated Tools

12. Using Electrical Equipment

13. Working Close To Traffic

14. Exposure To Noise

15. Work Near Plant

16. Working At Heights

17. Operating Crane

18. Operating Plant

19. Thermal Stress-Heat

20. Heat Stress Symptoms Guide

21. Working In Cold Weather

22. Trenching And Excavations

23. Using A Workbox

24. Erecting And Using Fixed Scaffolding

25. Work Near Overhead Wires

26. Using Laser Survey Equipment

27. Using Compressed Air

28. Sunburn And Skin Cancer

29. Working With Asbestos

30. Working Over Or Near To Water

31. Remote And Isolated Work

32. Storage And Use Of Hazardous Substances

33. Cyclonic Conditions

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